Electrosurgical treatment of rhinophyma.


Thirteen patients with moderate to severe rhinophyma were treated with electrosurgery. All patients achieved cosmetic improvement with minimal postoperative complications. Six of 13 patients noted an improvement in nasal breathing after treatment. Patients with a predominantly lobular rhinophyma achieved the best overall results whereas younger patients with generalized nasal hypertrophy were at the highest risk for scarring. This low-cost treatment was associated with few complications and gave excellent cosmetic results. A new clinical classification of rhinophyma has been developed on the basis of the patients in this series.

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@article{Clark1990ElectrosurgicalTO, title={Electrosurgical treatment of rhinophyma.}, author={Douglas P. Clark and Christoph Hanke}, journal={Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology}, year={1990}, volume={22 5 Pt 1}, pages={831-7} }