Electrostrictive and Piezoelectric Effect in BaTiO3 and PbZrO3

  title={Electrostrictive and Piezoelectric Effect in BaTiO3 and PbZrO3},
  author={Kerstin Wieczorek and A. Ziebiniska and Z. Ujma and Krzysztof Szot and Michał G{\'o}rny and I. Franke and Jarosław Koperski and Andrzej Soszyński and Krystian Roleder},
Order-disorder mechanism is a part of phase transition nature in the ABO3 perovskites. It is related with the existence of polar regions, which dynamics in the electric field determines the dielectric response near T c. Temperature dependence of mechanical strain connected with polarisation change in the paraelectric phase has been investigated for the BaTiO3 and PbZrO3 single crystals. Existence of polar regions influences the electrostrictive properties and induces the piezoelectric effect in… CONTINUE READING