Electrostatic catalysis of a Diels–Alder reaction

  title={Electrostatic catalysis of a Diels–Alder reaction},
  author={Albert C. Aragon{\`e}s and Naomi L. Haworth and Nadim Darwish and Simone Ciampi and Nathaniel J. Bloomfield and Gordon G. Wallace and Ismael D{\'i}ez-P{\'e}rez and Michelle L. Coote},
It is often thought that the ability to control reaction rates with an applied electrical potential gradient is unique to redox systems. However, recent theoretical studies suggest that oriented electric fields could affect the outcomes of a range of chemical reactions, regardless of whether a redox system is involved. This possibility arises because many formally covalent species can be stabilized via minor charge-separated resonance contributors. When an applied electric field is aligned in… CONTINUE READING
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