Electrospun cartilage-derived matrix scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering.

  title={Electrospun cartilage-derived matrix scaffolds for cartilage tissue engineering.},
  author={N William Garrigues and D Wayne Little and Johannah Sanchez-Adams and David Simms Ruch and Farshid Guilak},
  journal={Journal of biomedical materials research. Part A},
  volume={102 11},
Macroscale scaffolds created from cartilage-derived matrix (CDM) demonstrate chondroinductive or chondro-inductive properties, but many fabrication methods do not allow for control of nanoscale architecture. In this regard, electrospun scaffolds have shown significant promise for cartilage tissue engineering. However, nanofibrous materials generally exhibit a relatively small pore size and require techniques such as multilayering or the inclusion of sacrificial fibers to enhance cellular… CONTINUE READING

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