Electrospray-assisted modification of proteins: a radical probe of protein structure.

  title={Electrospray-assisted modification of proteins: a radical probe of protein structure.},
  author={Simin D. Maleknia and Mark R. Chance and Kevin M. Downard},
  journal={Rapid communications in mass spectrometry : RCM},
  volume={13 23},
A new approach is described to probe the structure of proteins through their reactivity with oxygen-containing radicals. Radical-induced oxidative modification of proteins is achieved within an electrospray ion source using oxygen as a reactive nebulizer gas at high needle voltages. This method facilitates the rapid oxidation of proteins as the molecules emerge from the electrospray needle tip. Electrospray mass spectra of both ubiquitin and lysozyme reveal that over 50% of the protein can be… CONTINUE READING


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