Electrosensory optimization to conspecific phasic signals for mating.

  title={Electrosensory optimization to conspecific phasic signals for mating.},
  author={Timothy C. Tricas and Sinner Michael and Joseph A. Sisneros},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={202 1-2},
Ampullary electroreceptor systems in fishes and aquatic amphibians are known to function in prey localization by the movement of the animal through a weak dc field produced by their prey. The round stingray produces an electric field with a complex geometry that is modulated rhythmically by movements of the spiracles and gill slits during ventilation. This weak stimulus is used in the field by reproductively active male stingrays to locate mates, and also by female rays to locate buried… CONTINUE READING

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