Electroretinography and Pupillography in Unilateral Foveal Hypoplasia.

  title={Electroretinography and Pupillography in Unilateral Foveal Hypoplasia.},
  author={K. Asakawa and H. Ishikawa},
  journal={Journal of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus},
  volume={53 Online},
The authors describe a 3-year-old boy with unilateral foveal hypoplasia and an absence of other ocular or systemic findings. Electroretinography obtained predominantly affecting cones. Laterality of pupil constriction to red but not to blue light was observed. The colored-light pupil response can be used to predict the retinal state. 
Fovea Plana in a 9-Year-Old Boy Presenting with Decreased Vision in the Left Eye
This is a rare case of a unilateral fovea plana associated with a visual impairment in a 9-year-old boy presented with moderately decreased vision in the left eye. Expand
Unilateral isolated foveal hypoplasia
Foveal hypoplasia is a retinal morphology reflecting variably stunted macular development that is associated with several congenital anomalies, including albinism, aniridia, microphthalmos, and retinopathy of prematurity. Expand
Time-course of adaptations for electroretinography and pupillography
There were significant differences between 1 min and ≥10 or ≥5 min after dark adaptation in parameter of minimum pupil diameter or constriction rate, respectively, and lightadapted ERGs and pupillary response results can be obtained in 10 min or longer of dark adaptation time in complete darkness. Expand
Disinhibition of intrinsic photosensitive retinal ganglion cells in patients with X-linked congenital stationary night blindness
A reduced redilation and smaller baseline pupil diameters for patients with CSNB indicate a disinhibition of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells due to affected post-photoreceptor transduction via bipolar cells and can explain the pupillary behavior in this patient group. Expand
Reproducibility and Normative Values of the Parameters of a New Hand-Held Digital Pupillometer
Generally good reproducibility was obtained, except for the T75 parameter, and standard values of pupil parameters may be useful to distinguish various neurological abnormalities in clinical practice. Expand
Unilateral isolated foveal hypoplasia.
  • M. Iqbal, I. Makar
  • Medicine
  • Canadian journal of ophthalmology. Journal canadien d'ophtalmologie
  • 2018


Isolated foveal hypoplasia.
Fluorescein angiography revealed a variable and incomplete filtering effect of the choroidal fluorescence in the macular area, suggesting abnormalities in the amount and distribution of macular pigments, and suggests foveal hypoplasia may be more common than is generally believed. Expand
Unilateral foveal hypoplasia in a child with bilateral anterior segment dysgenesis
In patients with foveal hypoplasia, anterior segment dysgenesis and an absence of systemic findings, consider a recently described syndrome of foveal hypoplasia, optic nerve decussation defects andExpand
Pupil responses derived from outer and inner retinal photoreception are normal in patients with hereditary optic neuropathy.
Pupil responses derived from outer or inner retinal photoreception in HON patients having mild-to moderate visual dysfunction are not quantitatively different from age-matched controls, however, an association between the degree of visual field loss and the half-max intensity of the cone response suggests that more advanced stages of disease may lead to impaired pupil light reflexes. Expand
Structural grading of foveal hypoplasia using spectral-domain optical coherence tomography a predictor of visual acuity?
A structural grading system for foveal hypoplasia was developed based on the stage at which fovean development was arrested, which helps to provide a prognostic indicator for VA and is applicable in a range of disorders associated with fovea. Expand
Foveal fine structure in retinopathy of prematurity: an adaptive optics Fourier domain optical coherence tomography study.
The foveas of subjects with a history of mild ROP have significant structural abnormalities that are probably a consequence of perturbations of neurovascular development. Expand
Electrophysiology and colour: a comparison of methods to evaluate inner retinal function
It is concluded that the colour contrast threshold is the most sensitive method to detect early functional deficits in diabetic and glaucoma patients. Expand
Effect of Pupil Size on Flicker ERGs Recorded With RETeval System: New Mydriasis-Free Full-Field ERG System.
The results suggest that the effective retinal illuminance of the stimulus delivered by the RETeval system decreases for large pupil sizes, however, in most clinical testing situations, patients' undilated pupils will likely be sufficiently small to fall within the range for which the system delivers a stimulus of constant retinalIlluminance. Expand