Electroporation of adult zebrafish.

  title={Electroporation of adult zebrafish.},
  author={Nalam Madhusudhana Rao and K Murali Rambabu and S Harinarayana Rao},
  journal={Methods in molecular biology},
We generated transient transgenic zebrafish by applying electrical pulses subsequent to injection of DNA into muscle tissue of 3-6-month old adult zebrafish. Electroporation parameters, such as number of pulses, voltage, and amount of plasmid DNA, were optimized and found that 6 pulses of 40 V/cm at 15 mug/fish increased the luciferase expression by 10-fold compared with those in controls. By measuring the expression of luciferase, in vivo by electroporation in adult zebrafish and in vitro… CONTINUE READING

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