Electrophysiological manifestations of mirror visual feedback during manual movement.

  title={Electrophysiological manifestations of mirror visual feedback during manual movement.},
  author={Gadi Bartur and Hillel Pratt and Ruth Dickstein and Silvi Frenkel-Toledo and Amir B. Geva and Nachum Soroker},
  journal={Brain research},
OBJECTIVE To investigate the neurophysiological manifestations of the mechanism underlying the effects of Mirror Visual Feedback (MVF) during manual movement. METHOD Thirteen healthy right handed individuals were assessed while performing repeated unilateral wrist extension movements with and without MVF. The effect of MVF on EEG oscillations was studied in 3 distinct frequency ranges (low mu, high mu, low beta). RESULTS Analysis of the low beta range showed that MVF reduces the magnitude… CONTINUE READING