Electrophysiological evidence for neural connections between the supraoptic nuclei.

  title={Electrophysiological evidence for neural connections between the supraoptic nuclei.},
  author={Shizuko Takano and Hideyuki Negoro and Kazumasa Honda and Takashi Higuchi},
  journal={Neuroscience letters},
  volume={111 1-2},
Effects of electrical stimulation of the contralateral supraoptic nucleus (SON) on the activity of neurosecretory neurons in the SON were studied in urethane-anesthetized lactating rats. Thirty-one out of 41 oxytocin neurons were excited and only two neurons were inhibited by contralateral SON stimulation. Eight out of 26 vasopressin neurons were excited and 8 were inhibited. These responses were not affected by suckling stimuli. Neither oxytocin nor vasopressin neurons tested were… CONTINUE READING

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