Electrophysiological characteristics of cloned skeletal and cardiac muscle sodium channels.

  title={Electrophysiological characteristics of cloned skeletal and cardiac muscle sodium channels.},
  author={Mohamed Chahine and I Deschene and Li Qian Chen and Roland G. Kallen},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={271 2 Pt 2},
The alpha-subunit encoding for voltage-gated sodium channels rSkM1 (rat skeletal muscle subtype 1) and hH1 (human heart subtype 1) has been cloned and expressed by various groups under various conditions in Xenopus oocytes and the tsA201 (HEK 293) mammalian cell line derived from human embryonic kidney cells. In this study, we have expressed hH1 and rSkM1 in tsA201 cells for comparison under the same conditions using patch-clamp methods. Our results show significant differences in the current… CONTINUE READING

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