Electrophoretic variation in human serum ceruloplasmin: A new genetic polymorphism

  title={Electrophoretic variation in human serum ceruloplasmin: A new genetic polymorphism},
  author={Donald C. Shreffler and George J. Brewer and John C. Gall and Merton S. Honeyman},
  journal={Biochemical Genetics},
Through the application of a specific oxidase stain to results of starch gel electrophoresis of human serum, three different electrophoretic forms of ceruloplasmin—denoted CpA (fast), CpB (intermediate), and CpC (slow)—have been defined. The electrophoretic differences are small and were first recognized through a rare variant individual who had only the fast and slow forms. Five phenotypes displaying different combinations of the three electrophoretic forms have been defined in American… CONTINUE READING


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