Electrophoretic separation of proteins via complexation with a polyelectrolyte

  title={Electrophoretic separation of proteins via complexation with a polyelectrolyte},
  author={E. M. Baskin and B. I. Shklovskii and Gleb Zilberstein},
  journal={Physica A-statistical Mechanics and Its Applications},
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Parallel isoelectric focusing II
It is shown that the method guarantees the fast and complete separation of any complex protein mixtures under acceptable conditions, such as voltage source, temperature, size of the device, and separation process duration.
Computationally Mapping pKa Shifts Due to the Presence of a Polyelectrolyte Chain around Whey Proteins.
Through physical chemistry parameters, free energies of interactions, and the mapping of amino acid pKa shifts and polyelectrolyte trajectories, the charge regulation mechanism is shown to be the most important contributor in protein-polyelectrolete complexation regardless of pH, dipole moment, and protein capacitance in a low salt regime.


Adsorption of semiflexible polyelectrolytes on charged planar surfaces: Charge compensation, charge reversal, and multilayer formation.
We study theoretically the adsorption of semiflexible charged polymers on an oppositely charged flat substrate. We restrict ourselves to polymers with relatively high line charge density τ and bare
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The formation of a glycosidic linkage is described and the four levels of protein structure are described.
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The authors review recent advances in the physics of strongly interacting charged systems functioning in water at room temperature. In these systems, many phenomena go beyond the framework of
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Screening of a macroion by multivalent ions: correlation-induced inversion of charge.
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It is shown that counterions form a strongly correlated liquid at the surface of the macroion that leads to additional attraction of counterions to the surface, which is absent in conventional solutions of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation.