Electrophoretic separation of bovine muscle myosin heavy chain isoforms.

  title={Electrophoretic separation of bovine muscle myosin heavy chain isoforms.},
  author={Brigitte Picard and Christiane Barboiron and M. P. Duris and H. Gagni{\`e}re and Catherine Jurie and Yves Geay},
  journal={Meat science},
  volume={53 1},
This study concerns the definition of the optimum conditions for separation of adult and developmental myosin heavy chain (MHC) isoforms in bovine muscle. The various techniques published do not result in good separation of the MHC in this species. The trials carried out concerned the concentration of acrylamide and N, N'-methylene-bis-acrylamide, and more particularly the concentration of Tris in the separating gel. The finding was that analysis of adult isoforms and developmental isoforms… CONTINUE READING