Electrophoretic seed globulin patterns in some New World Lupinus species

  title={Electrophoretic seed globulin patterns in some New World Lupinus species},
  author={Zdzislawa Zimniak-Przybylska and Janina Przybylska},
  journal={Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution},
Comparative SDS-PAGE analysis of seed globulins covered 74 accessions representing 19 New World Lupinus species, 18 North American lupins and one South American species: L. mutabilis. The species investigated showed major, well-defined polypeptide bands in the approximate M r range of 40–75 kDa. In general, intraspecific variation blurred interspecific differences; L. mutabilis could not be distinguished from the North American lupins. Of the taxa investigated, only L. subcarnosus and L… CONTINUE READING