Electrophoretic karyotypes of Torulopsis glabrata.

  title={Electrophoretic karyotypes of Torulopsis glabrata.},
  author={Ch. Kaufmann and William G. Merz},
  journal={Journal of clinical microbiology},
  volume={27 10},
Chromosome-sized DNA molecules of clinical isolates of Torulopsis glabrata were resolved by a pulsed-field electrophoretic method, contour-clamped homogeneous electric fields. With the conditions established in this study, 8 to 12 bands (ranging from 445 to 3,000 kilobases) were observed. There were differences in the intensities and migrations of bands, consistent with T. glabrata being either haploid or diploid. A total of 22 distinctive electrophoretic patterns were noted among single… CONTINUE READING

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