Electroosmotic Pumps with Frits Synthesized from Potassium Silicate.

  title={Electroosmotic Pumps with Frits Synthesized from Potassium Silicate.},
  author={Sara Nilsson and Per G Erlandsson and Nathaniel D. Robinson},
  journal={PloS one},
  volume={10 12},
Electroosmotic pumps employing silica frits synthesized from potassium silicate as a stationary phase show strong electroosmotic flow velocity and resistance to pressure-driven flow. We characterize these pumps and measure an electroosmotic mobility of 2.5 × 10(-8) m(2)/V s and hydrodynamic resistance per unit length of 70 × 10(17) Pa s/m(4) with a standard… CONTINUE READING