Electronystagmographic findings in 147 patients with acoustic neuroma.

  title={Electronystagmographic findings in 147 patients with acoustic neuroma.},
  author={Yousuke Okada and Masahiro Takahashi and Akimichi Saito and Jin Kanzaki},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica. Supplementum},
We report on the preoperative findings in 147 patients with surgically confirmed acoustic neuroma (AN). Gaze nystagmus, spontaneous nystagmus and positional nystagmus were present in 23.1%, 47.5% and 63.0% of the patient, respectively. Pathological findings in ETT, OKP and bithermal caloric test were found in 44.3%, 45.3% and 77.0%, respectively. The ratio of pathological findings in ETT and OKP was larger in the large tumor group than in the small tumor group. Gaze nystagmus to both directions… CONTINUE READING