Electronically Variable Optical Attenuator Enabled by Self-Sensing in Vanadium Dioxide

  title={Electronically Variable Optical Attenuator Enabled by Self-Sensing in Vanadium Dioxide},
  author={Noraica D{\'a}vila and Emmanuelle Merced and Nelson Sepulveda},
  journal={IEEE Photonics Technology Letters},
A fully electronic variable optical attenuator in the near-infrared region is reported. The observed attenuation varied from 0 to 19.24 dB. The device is enabled by the strong correlation between the electrical and optical properties in vanadium dioxide thin films across its phase transition. A self-sensing feedback approach is used to significantly reduce the inherently hysteretic behavior of the film. The reduction of the hysteresis, sensing the electrical resistance with respect to the… CONTINUE READING
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