Electronic word of mouth (eWOM)

  title={Electronic word of mouth (eWOM)},
  author={Mira Lee and Seounmi Youn},
  journal={International Journal of Advertising},
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This study explores whether and how different online platforms to which electronic word of mouth (eWOM) communication is posted influence consumers’ judgements of reviewed products. Additionally, this study examines the moderating role of the valence of eWOM on the platforms–consumer product judgement relationship. Our findings indicated that, other things being equal, participants exposed to the review posted on the personal blog were more likely to attribute the review to circumstances and… Expand
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Electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM) is reckoned to be one of the underlying factors that augments online retailing. The information adoption protocols have been revamped due to the extensive onlineExpand
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The results show that tie strength between eWOM publishers and recipients positively influences the perceived eWom credibility and that interactive functions should be added to the product comment area to enhance communications between the reviewers and potential consumers. Expand
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The obtained results indicated that attitude towards the product is a full mediating variable between purchase intention and EWOM evaluation. Expand
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ABSTRACT Online interpersonal influence or electronic word-of-mouth (“eWOM”) is an important aspect of ecommerce. Consumers give and seek opinions online in much the same way as they do offline,Expand
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