Electronic transport in methylated fragments of DNA

  title={Electronic transport in methylated fragments of DNA},
  author={M. L. de Almeida and Jonas I. N. Oliveira and Jos{\'e} X. Lima Neto and Catarina Gomes and Umberto Laino Fulco and Euden{\'i}lson L. Albuquerque and V. N. Freire and Ewerton W. S. Caetano and F.A.B.F. de Moura and Marcelo L. Lyra},
We investigate the electronic transport properties of methylated deoxyribonucleic-acid (DNA) strands, a biological system in which methyl groups are added to DNA (a major epigenetic modification in gene expression), sandwiched between two metallic platinum electrodes. Our theoretical simulations apply an effective Hamiltonian based on a tight-binding model to obtain current-voltage curves related to the non-methylated/methylated DNA strands. The results suggest potential applications in the… CONTINUE READING