Electronic states in graded-gap junctions with band inversion

  title={Electronic states in graded-gap junctions with band inversion},
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Effect of Boundary Conditions on the Interface Tamm's States
The interface Tamm's states of heterojunctions formed from narrow-gap semiconductors are intensively studied. Trying to elucidate the effect of the boundary conditions on the interface states, in
Interface effects of strained semiconductor heterostructure in longitudinal magnetic field
In the present work it is shown that the strained semiconductor structure in the magnetic field is an interesting object with unusual properties. The electron spectrum and some physical properties of


Interface states in band-inverted semiconductor heterojunctions.
The interface-bound midgap states in semiconductor heterojunctions, where the constituents have opposite band-edge symmetry and overlapping gaps, are studied to remark on the possible existence of ``anomalous currents'' in these systems.
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It is shown that the effective band gap is widened at the interfaces, the Landau eigenenergies vary nonmonotonically with distance of the orbit's center from the structure interfaces and that these levels have a noninteger number of harmonic-oscillator energy quanta.
Solvable Linear Potentials in the Dirac Equation
The Dirac equation for some linear potentials leading to Schrodinger-like oscillator equations for the upper and lower components of the Dirac spinor have been solved. Energy levels for the bound
A solvable two-body Dirac equation in one space dimension
A solvable Hamiltonian for two Dirac particles interacting by instantaneous linear potentials in (1 + 1) dimensions is discussed. The system presents no Klein paradox even if the coupling is rather
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