Electronic road pricing system prototype


Traffic congestions are common in every large cities. This paper presents Electronic Road Pricing system design prototype based on embedded system Raspberry Pi with RFID and image processing capability based on OpenALPR. The system works in a way that vehicle passing under the gantry will be recorded by photographing the image of license plate and reading the RFID tag. The image and tag will be serialized to XML and transmitted to server through a socket. The output is transaction record and license plate reading from OpenALPR. Early test showed that RFID is able to work optimal at range between 0–360 cm and is able to work at vehicles moving at 10, 20, and 40 Km/h except OpenALPR which failed two out of three tests because of minimum data training. After trained with 1000 Indonesian license plates, the OpenALPR is able to recognize nine out of ten that given randomly.

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