Electronic diving data collection during Monitor expedition 2001

  title={Electronic diving data collection during Monitor expedition 2001},
  author={D. Southerland and D. L. Davidson},
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The USS Monitor is a famous iron-clad ship that fought in the America Civil War and sunk during a storm off the coast of North Carolina in 1862. Since 1973, when its location was identified, several organizations have surveyed the wreck and recovered artifacts. In the summers of 2000 and 2001, the U.S. Navy participated with the National Oceanic and Aeronautics Association (NOAA) in a set of historical preservation dives on the Monitor. The U.S. Navy used recently modified Surface Supplied… Expand
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The U.S. Navy decompression computer.
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The initial guidelines establishing DC diving practice for the Navy SEAL community are outlined as are plans for future research efforts in U.S. Navy DC diving. Expand