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Electronic Overload: The Impact of Excessive Screen Use on Child and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing

  title={Electronic Overload: The Impact of Excessive Screen Use on Child and Adolescent Health and Wellbeing},
  author={Karen Martin},

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Mental Health and the COVID-19 Crisis: The Hopes and Concerns for Children as Schools Re-open

The findings show that parents had a special concern for the mental health of their children during the transition into lockdown and the ramifications of such experiences in the future as students return to school at the start of the academic year under a different climate.

Effect of Genetic Background Combined with Excessive Media Screen Time on Markers of Cardiovascular Risk in United States Youth Aged Newborn to 20 Years

Effect of Genetic Background Combined with Excessive Media Screen Time on Markers of Cardiovascular Risk in United States Youth Aged Newborn to 20 Years by Maria Moroni MA, University of Pisa, Italy,


Excessive ICT use leads to sedentariness and a reduction in the desire to exercise, and the accumulated effect might accelerate the risk of cardiometabolic, cardiovascular, physiological and mental disorders.

Systematic Review Study on the Impact of the Pandemic on Literacy: Experiences of Parents and Teachers *

With the COVID-19 pandemic, it was necessary to carry out public health measures, including the adoption of remote teaching and modification of the educational practices and experiences of parents

Digital dementia in the internet generation: excessive screen time during brain development will increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias in adulthood.

Converging evidence from biopsychosocial research in humans and animals demonstrates that chronic sensory stimulation (via excessive screen exposure) affects brain development increasing the risk of

Recreational Screen Time and Anxiety among College Athletes: Findings from Shanghai

Excessive recreational screen time is a risk indicator of college student athletes’ dispositional anxiety, pre-competition anxiety, and anxiety during competition, which were measured by the Chinese version of validated psychometric scales among athlete population.

How is the COVID-19 lockdown impacting the mental health of parents of school-age children in the UK? A cross-sectional online survey

The sustained adoption of two modifiable health-seeking lifestyle behaviours (increased levels of physical activity and the maintenance of good sleep hygiene practices) wmay help reduce feelings of social isolation and loneliness during lockdown.

Outdoor journeys as a catalyst for enhanced place connectedness and environmental stewardship

Humans struggle to comprehend, appreciate, and protect natural environments when they have had minimal or no exposure to these spaces. While there are many theoretical explanations for this

‘Homeschooling’ and the COVID-19 Crisis: The Insights of Parents on Curriculum and Remote Learning

A case study focusing on the perceptions of experiences of ten parents of Elementary school children during the school lockdown in Alberta, Canada, may provide valuable contributions to further inform how to better support learning from home during this ongoing pandemic.

Children and their Environments: Learning, Using and Designing Spaces

An introduction Christopher Spencer and Mark Blades Part I. Children's Understanding of Places: 1. Scale in children's experience with the environment Scott Bell 2. The problem of lost children

Reconsidering the Displacement Hypothesis

This study addresses continuing concern over television's displacement of other leisure activities form both substantive and methodological perspectives. It examines past conceptualizations of the

Out-of-School Television and Schooling: Hypotheses and Methods

The paper categorizes the hypotheses that have related home television use to schooling—hypotheses of time and energy displacement, of interest stimulation, of learning of school-equivalent content,

Children's sense of place in Northern New Mexico

Abstract In the Hispano homeland of northern New Mexico, children's lives are shaped by land, by family, by culture, and by community. The way these forces work together forms each child's sense of

Some Observations on the Social Effects of Television

DURING the summer of 1948, the Columbia although this result may be misleading since Broadcasting System and Rutgers University the impact is not uniform for various segentered into a joint

Violence, Conflict, Trickery, and Other Story Themes in TV Ads for Food for Children

Stories in a sample of 92 television (TV) food ads aimed at children were analyzed for thematic and subtextual content. Violence as a surface theme ranked first in use receiving a nonzero score in