Electronic Library: Genesis, Trends. From Electronic Library to Smart Library

  title={Electronic Library: Genesis, Trends. From Electronic Library to Smart Library},
  author={Ruslan Aleksandrovich Baryshev and Olga Ivanovna Babina and P. A. Zakharov and Vera Kazantseva and Nikita Pikov and Р.А. Барышев and Ольга Бабина and П.А. Захаров and В.П. Казанцева and Н.О. Пиков},
~ ~ ~ The article proposes to discuss the main trends in the development of electronic libraries and prerequisites for the transition to a new level, to smart libraries. The text presents a historical overview of the formation of the electronic library concept both in Russia and abroad. Disambiguation of electronic library term is separately covered, as well as synonymous terms it has in Russia. At the same time, they often stay within a common understanding of a digital library within the… 

Opportunities for academic smart libraries in the Caribbean

Purpose The purpose of this paper hinged on the concept of smart libraries and their development for the furtherance of information access, dissemination and information resources and services

Informatization of Education: Reader Personal Account and Electronic Library in University

This paper reviews historical aspect of informatization in a university, underlines the key part of a library in the past and loss of this role in modern universities. The decrease in demand for

Smart libraries: an emerging and innovative technological habitat of 21st century

The study confirms that smart libraries are becoming smarter with the emerging smart technologies, which enhances their working capabilities and satisfies the users associated with them.


The research finds that physical libraries will not be replaced by digital libraries easily, although the extensive use of technology has led to continuous changes in library spaces.

An Ontology for an IoT-enabled Smart Library in a University Campus

  • S. NagowahH. StaB. Gobin-Rahimbux
  • Computer Science
    2021 IEEE 23rd Int Conf on High Performance Computing & Communications; 7th Int Conf on Data Science & Systems; 19th Int Conf on Smart City; 7th Int Conf on Dependability in Sensor, Cloud & Big Data Systems & Application (HPCC/DSS/SmartCity/DependSys)
  • 2021
An ontology for a smart library taking into consideration concepts of IoT is presented, which will help to promote decision-making among these smart systems and enhance semantic interoperability.

Building Competency Model of Intelligent Librarian in the Context of Smart City

A competency model of intelligent librarians with professional beliefs as the core layer, business competence as the middle layer, and knowledge structure and skill reserves as the surface layer is established.

Awareness and Utilization of Electronic Library Resources by Students of Tamale Technical University, Ghana

The study assessed the extent of awareness and utilization of electronic library resources by students of the Tamale Technical University in Ghana’s Northern Region. Descriptive survey design was

Information integration in libraries

The results obtained in this study indicate that the number of research studies on IIIE rose drastically in the past three years compared with the findings in Chen (2016), and proves that the Internet of things (IoT) and IIIE have integrated closely by providing more applications.

Smart Cities, Smart Libraries and Smart Knowledge Managers: Ushering in the neo-Knowledge Society

The paper attempts at deducing a symbiosis amongst smart cities, smart libraries and smart knowledge managers, and elaborates on how these will usher in the neo-knowledge society, and the opportunities it'll offer vis-à-vis Library and Information Science (LIS).

Smart Libraries: A Response to Literacy and Self- Empowerment among Girl-Child in a Depressed Economy

This paper identifies smart library as a relevant tool to respond to the plight of girl-child in a depressed economy through promotion of literacy and self-empowerment. On this, concepts of smart



Marketing Research of the Academic Library of the Siberian Federal University

A new and a very urgent phenomenon in the activity of university libraries is carrying out a marketing research. It enables the administration to study the interests, needs and requirements of the

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