Electronic Excitation Transfer in the LH 2 Complex of Rhodobacter sphaeroides

  title={Electronic Excitation Transfer in the LH 2 Complex of Rhodobacter sphaeroides},
  author={Ralph Jimenez and Srivatsan N. Dikshit and Stephen E Bradforth and Graham R Fleming}
Ultrafast fluorescence upconversion measurements were carried out on the peripheral (LH2) light harvesting antenna complex of Rhodobacter sphaeroides isolated in the detergents N-octyl-â-D-glucopyranoside and lauryl dimethylamine oxide. The B800 and B850 bands were excited in separate experiments, and the B850 emission was detected in each case. We make use of the recently determined crystal structure of a purple bacterial LH2 complex to simulate our data and to calculate the exciton level… CONTINUE READING


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