Electronic Commerce Beyond the "dot com" Boom

  title={Electronic Commerce Beyond the "dot com" Boom},
  author={James A. Senn},
  journal={National Tax Journal},
  pages={373 - 383}
  • J. Senn
  • Published 1 September 2000
  • Business
  • National Tax Journal
The explosion of interest in electronic commerce stemming from commercial use of the Internet triggered high expectations, and accompanying high stock market value for public companies specializing in the delivery of products and services through this channel. However, the boom in the market value of these socalled "dot com" companies appears to be over. This paper examines the factors underlying the fall off in the value of "dot com" companies, focusing on the manner in which fundamental… 
Looking beyond the dot com bubble: exploring the form and function of business models in the electronic marketplace
The recent so-called dot corn crash cast many doubts on the future of electronic commerce, but it also highlighted business models as an issue. This paper begins by assessing the dot corn crash
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Although relevant literature investigates the economic value of online sales channel (OSC) from the perspective of the stock market, knowledge on this topic remains insufficient or unclear because
Mobile commerce business models and technologies towards success
Mobile Commerce Business Models and Technologies Towards Success By Pinar Nilgun Acar Chair: Prof. Michael Floeser Committee Members: Prof. Ed Holden Prof. Jack Cook Mobile commerce is any
This paper shows there is at least one determinate for newspaper firms adopting ecommerce as a first-mover strategy during the period 1994-2006. One hundred two competitive newspaper regions were
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Evidence that the traditional event study methodology may not provide an accurate measure of abnormal returns during periods of high market volatility is found, and an alternative methodology is proposed.
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The Web brings enormous opportunities for retailers, where customer retention is important for e-tailing success. While relationship marketing (RM) and e-tailing are both active research areas, there
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A conceptual framework intended to predict the number of online purchases made by Internet users in an early stage market is presented and examined using data collected in Israel. Those more likely
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While recent research continues to emphasize the importance of digital entrepreneurship, the historical terminology of this field is often overlooked. Digital entrepreneurship tends to be considered
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The concept of digital entrepreneurship, which is a result of rapid technological advances, can be defined as the transformation of processes or methods. Thanks to the increase in digital


Burn Rate: How I Survived the Gold Rush Years on the Internet
From the Publisher: Michael Wolff was one of the first to see the potential of the Internet and one of the pioneers of new media. As he labored to build his own company, Wolff, a former journalist,
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