Electroneutral efflux of Ca2+ from liver mitochondria.

  title={Electroneutral efflux of Ca2+ from liver mitochondria.},
  author={Martin D. Brand},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={225 2},
Respiring liver mitochondria were allowed to export Ca2+ on the endogenous Ca2+/nH+ antiporter in the presence of Ruthenium Red (to inhibit uptake on the Ca2+ uniporter) until a steady state was reached. Addition of sufficient of the ionophore A23187 (which catalyses Ca2+/2H+ exchange) to bring the Ca2+ and H+ gradients into equilibrium did not alter the steady state. Thermodynamic analysis showed that if a Ca2+/nH+ exchange with any value of n other than 2 was at equilibrium, addition of… CONTINUE READING

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