Electron transfer between membrane complexes and soluble proteins in photosynthesis.

  title={Electron transfer between membrane complexes and soluble proteins in photosynthesis.},
  author={Manuel Herv{\'a}s and Jose Alberto Navarro and Miguel {\'A} De la Rosa},
  journal={Accounts of chemical research},
  volume={36 10},
Photosynthesis consists of a series of endergonic redox reactions, with light as the source of energy, chlorophyll as the energy converter, and electrons flowing through membrane and soluble proteins. Here, we give an account of the most recent results on the structure-function relationships of the membrane-embedded complexes cytochrome b(6)-f and photosystem I and of the two soluble proteins (cytochrome c(6) and plastocyanin) that serve as alternative electron carriers between them. Particular… CONTINUE READING

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