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Electron-phonon interaction during optically induced ultrafast magnetization dynamics of Au/GdFeCo bilayers

  title={Electron-phonon interaction during optically induced ultrafast magnetization dynamics of Au/GdFeCo bilayers},
  author={Richard B. Wilson and C-H. Lambert and Jon Gorchon and Yang Yang and Sayeef S. Salahuddin and Jeffrey Bokor},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
The temperature evolution of GdFeCo electrons following optical heating plays a key role in all optical switching of GdFeCo and is primarily governed by the strength of coupling between electrons and phonons. Typically, the strength of electron-phonon coupling in a metal is deduced by monitoring changes in reflectance following optical heating and then analyzing the transient reflectance with a simple two-temperature thermal model. In a magnetic metal, the change in reflectance cannot be… 
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