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Electron paramagnetic resonance of transition ions

  title={Electron paramagnetic resonance of transition ions},
  author={Anatole Abragam and Brebis Bleaney},
Electron paramagnetic resonance signatures of Co2+ and Cu2+ in β-Ga2O3
Gallium oxide (b-Ga2O3) is a wide-bandgap compound semiconductor with a bandgap of ~ 4.9 eV that is currently considered promising for a wide range of applications ranging from transparent conducting
Electronic Structure and Magnetic Properties of Lanthanide Molecular Complexes
The first studies on the magnetic and electronic properties of compounds containing lanthanide ions date back to the beginning of the twentieth century [1]. However, detailed investigation on these
  • Chemistry
  • 2015
Magnesium ammonium phosphate hoxahydrate, (MgNH4P04,6H20) known as struvite has been found to occur in nature as a mineral or biomineral [l] and its major importance is related to its presence in
Electron paramagnetic resonance of individual atoms on a surface
This work used a spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscope tip to measure EPR spectra of single iron atoms adsorbed on a magnesium oxide surface at cryogenic temperatures, and drove the spin resonance with an oscillating electric field between tip and sample.
Physical properties of EuPtIn 4 intermetallic antiferromagnet
We report the physical properties of EuPtIn4 single crystalline platelets grown by the In-flux technique. This compound crystallizes in the orthorhombic Cmcm structure with lattice parameters a1⁄4
Magnetism of Single Adatoms and Small Adsorbed Clusters Investigated by Means of Low-Temperature STM
Keywords: scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) ; spin-polarized scanning tunneling microscopy (SP-STM) ; scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) ; spin-excitation spectroscopy (SES) ; atomic magnetism ;
Optical spectra and spin-Hamiltonian parameters of trivalent ytterbium in lead tungstate
Abstract.By using crystal-field theory, the optical spectra and spin-Hamiltonian parameters (abbr. SH parameters, i.e. the anisotropic g factors g ∥ , g ⊥ , and hyperfine structure constants A ∥ , A
A multi-frequency EPR spectroscopy approach in the detection of boson peak excitations.
Magnetic resonance study of dopant related defects in X-ray storage phosphors
Experimental investigation on the microscopic structure of intrinsic paramagnetic point defects in amorphous silicon dioxide
In the present Ph.D. Thesis we report an experimental investigation on the effects of gamma- and beta-ray irradiation and of subsequent thermal treatment on many types of a-SiO2 materials, differing