Electron optics column for a new MEMS-type transmission electron microscope

  title={Electron optics column for a new MEMS-type transmission electron microscope},
  author={Michał Krysztof and Tomasz Grzebyk and Anna G{\'o}recka-Drzazga and Krzysztof Adamski and Jan A. Dziuban},
  journal={Bulletin of The Polish Academy of Sciences-technical Sciences},
The concept of a miniature transmission electron microscope (TEM) on chip is presented. This idea assumes manufacturing of a silicon-glass multilayer device that contains a miniature electron gun, an electron optics column integrated with a high vacuum micropump, and a sample microchamber with a detector. In this article the field emission cathode, utilizing carbon nanotubes (CNT), and an electron optics column with Einzel lens, made of silicon, are both presented. The elements are assembled… Expand
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Micro-Einzel lens for wafer-integrated electron beam actuation
  • Yue Shi, S. Ardanuc, A. Lal
  • Materials Science
  • 2013 IEEE 26th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • 2013
Miniaturizing charged particle beam actuator systems to the wafer-scale Si-based micromachined platforms, requires devices such as micro-Einzel lenses, which are used to control beam trajectory andExpand
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A two-dimensional electrostatic einzel lens fabricated using microfabrication technology is described. The lens consists of cylindrical electrodes mounted in on two oxidised, silicon substrates,Expand
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