Electron-microscopical approach to a structural model of intima collagen.

  title={Electron-microscopical approach to a structural model of intima collagen.},
  author={Heinz Furthmayr and Helmut K. Wiedemann and Rupert Timpl and E Odermatt and J{\"u}rgen Engel},
  journal={The Biochemical journal},
  volume={211 2},
Intima collagen was studied by electron microscopy (rotary shadowing and negative staining) and by analytical ultracentrifugation. It was found that the monomeric unit (Mr 170 000) consists of a 105 nm-long triple helix terminated by a small globular domain (Mr about 30 000) at one end and a large globular domain (Mr about 40 000) at the other end. The monomer was produced by selective reduction of interchain disulphide bridges. Before reduction, dimers, tetramers and larger filamentous… CONTINUE READING


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