Electron gun for diffraction experiments off controlled molecules

  title={Electron gun for diffraction experiments off controlled molecules},
  author={Nele Lotte Marie M{\"u}ller and Sebastian Trippel and Karol Długołȩcki and Jochen K{\"u}pper},
  journal={Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics},
A dc electron gun, generating picosecond pulses with up to 8 × 106 electrons per pulse has been developed. Its applicability for future time-resolved diffraction experiments on state- and conformer-selected laser-aligned or oriented gaseous samples was characterized. The focusing electrodes were arranged in a velocity-map imaging spectrometer configuration. This allowed us to directly measure the spatial and velocity distributions of the electron pulses emitted from the cathode. The coherence… 

Velocity-Map Imaging for Emittance Characterization of Multiphoton Electron Emission from a Gold Surface

A velocity-map-imaging spectrometer is demonstrated to characterize the normalized transverse emittance of photoemitted electron bunches. The two-dimensional (2D) projected velocity distribution

Terahertz Acceleration Technology Towards Compact Light Sources

  • A. Fallahi
  • Physics
    2021 34th International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference (IVNC)
  • 2021
Despite the already-realized high power radiation sources enabling ultrahigh electric fields, increasing the acceleration gradients above the state-of-the-art values is hampered by the damage

Special issue on imaging the dynamic structure of matter

1 Laser Research Institute, Department of Physics, Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch, Republic of South Africa 2 Center for Free-Electron Laser Science, Deutsches ElektronenSynchrotron DESY,

X-ray diffractive imaging of controlled gas-phase molecules: Toward imaging of dynamics in the molecular frame.

The experimental approach allows for the imaging of intrinsic molecular dynamics in the molecular frame, albeit this requires more experimental data, which should be readily available at upcoming high-repetition-rate facilities.



A compact electron gun for time-resolved electron diffraction.

The design of the electron gun is discussed, which is triggered by a Ti:Sapphire laser, before detailing a series of calibration experiments relating to the electron-beam properties.

Femtosecond single-electron diffraction

Time-resolved pump-probe diffraction using femtosecond single-electron pulses that are free from intra-pulse Coulomb interactions over the entire trajectory from the source to the detector is reported.

High quality single shot diffraction patterns using ultrashort megaelectron volt electron beams from a radio frequency photoinjector.

High quality images with spatial resolution sufficient to distinguish closely spaced peaks in the Debye-Scherrer ring pattern have been recorded by scattering the 1.5 MeV electron beam generated in the rf photoinjector off a 100-nm-thick Au foil.

High quality single shot ultrafast MeV electron diffraction from a photocathode radio-frequency gun.

A compact ultrafast electron diffractometer, consisting of an s-band 1.6 cell photocathode radio-frequency gun, a multi-function changeable sample chamber, and a sensitive relativistic electron

Toward atomic resolution diffractive imaging of isolated molecules with X-ray free-electron lasers.

This experiment is the first step toward coherent diffractive imaging of structures and structural dynamics of isolated molecules at atomic resolution, i.e., picometers and femtoseconds, using X-ray free-electron lasers.

Compression of subrelativistic space-charge-dominated electron bunches for single-shot femtosecond electron diffraction.

We demonstrate the compression of 95 keV, space-charge-dominated electron bunches to sub-100 fs durations. These bunches have sufficient charge (200 fC) and are of sufficient quality to capture a

Direct imaging of transient molecular structures with ultrafast diffraction.

This direct imaging of reactions was achieved using the third-generation apparatus equipped with an electron pulse, a charge-coupled device camera, and a mass spectrometer to demonstrate the vastly improved sensitivity, resolution, and versatility of UED for studying ultrafast structural dynamics in complex molecular systems.

Velocity map imaging of femtosecond laser induced photoelectron emission from metal nanotips

A novel application of velocity-map imaging (VMI) is demonstrated, whereby the momentum distribution of photoelectrons ejected from a tungsten nanoscale metal tip (< 50 nm radius) is recorded

Imaging of isolated molecules with ultrafast electron pulses.

It is shown that three-dimensional structural information can be retrieved from multiple electron diffraction patterns of aligned molecules from multiple femtosecond laser pulses.