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Electron energy spectra, fluxes, and day-night asymmetries of boron-8 solar neutrinos from the 391-day salt phase sno data set

  title={Electron energy spectra, fluxes, and day-night asymmetries of boron-8 solar neutrinos from the 391-day salt phase sno data set},
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  journal={Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory},
Author(s): Aharmim, B.; Ahmed, S.N.; Anthony, A.E.; Beier, E.W.; Bellerive, A.; Bergevin, M.; Biller, S.D.; Boger, J.; Boulay, M.G.; Bowler, M.G.; Bullard, T.V.; Chan, Y.D.; Chen, M.; Chen, X.; Cleveland, B.T.; Cox, G.A.; Currat, C.A.; Dai, X.; Dalnoki-Veress, F.; Deng, H.; Doe, P.J.; Dosanjh, R.S.; Doucas, G.; Duba, C.A.; Duncan, F.A.; Dunford, M.; Dunmore, J.A.; Earle, E.D.; Elliott, S.R.; Evans, H.C.; Ewan, G.T.; Farine, J.; Fergani, H.; Fleurot, F.; Formaggio, J.A.; Frame, K.; Frati, W… Expand
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