Electron energetics in a helium pulsed nanosecond discharge

  title={Electron energetics in a helium pulsed nanosecond discharge},
  author={Benjamin T. Yee and John E. Foster and B. R. Wright W. D. Weatherford and Edward V. Barnat},
  journal={2013 Abstracts IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS)},
Summary form only given. Pulsed, nanosecond discharges (PNDs) are notable for their large volumes and nonthermal nature. The large volume is attractive for material processing and the nonthermal electron can be used to drive reactions with minimal gas or substrate heating. However, the stochasticity of such plasmas presents a challenge for simulations, while the short time scales and large fields limit experimental diagnostics. This has led to a degree of uncertainty in the electron energetics… CONTINUE READING