Electron density measurement with dual-energy x-ray CT using synchrotron radiation.

  title={Electron density measurement with dual-energy x-ray CT using synchrotron radiation.},
  author={Masami Torikoshi and Takanori Tsunoo and Makoto Sasaki and Masahiro Endo and Yutaka Noda and Yumiko Ohno and Toshiyuki Kohno and Kazuyuki Hyodo and Kentaro Uesugi and Naoto Yagi},
  journal={Physics in medicine and biology},
  volume={48 5},
Monochromatic x-ray computed tomography (CT) at two different energies provides information about electron density of human tissue without ambiguity due to the beam hardening effect. This information makes the treatment planning for proton and heavy-ion radiotherapy more precise. We have started a feasibility study on dual energy x-ray CT by using synchrotron radiation. A translation-rotation scanning CT system was developed for quantitative measurement in order to clarify what precision in the… CONTINUE READING
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