Electron cooling and debye-waller effect in photoexcited bismuth.

  title={Electron cooling and debye-waller effect in photoexcited bismuth.},
  author={B. Arnaud and Yvelin Giret},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={110 1},
By means of first principles calculations, we compute the effective electron-phonon coupling constant G(0) governing the electron cooling in photoexcited bismuth. G(0) strongly increases as a function of electron temperature, which can be traced back to the semimetallic nature of bismuth. We also use a thermodynamical model to compute the time evolution of both electron and lattice temperatures following laser excitation. Thereby, we simulate the time evolution of (1 -1 0), (-2 1 1) and (2 -2 0… CONTINUE READING