Electron-beam-assisted superplastic shaping of nanoscale amorphous silica

  title={Electron-beam-assisted superplastic shaping of nanoscale amorphous
  author={Kun Zheng and Chengcai Wang and Yong-Qiang Cheng and Yonghai Yue and Xiaodong Han and Ze Zhang and Zhiwei Shan and Scott X Mao and Miaomiao Ye and Yadong Yin and Evan Sau Yue Ma},
  booktitle={Nature communications},
Glasses are usually shaped through the viscous flow of a liquid before its solidification, as practiced in glass blowing. At or near room temperature (RT), oxide glasses are known to be brittle and fracture upon any mechanical deformation for shape change. Here, we show that with moderate exposure to a low-intensity (<1.8×10(-2) A cm(-2)) electron beam (e-beam), dramatic shape changes can be achieved for nanoscale amorphous silica, at low temperatures and strain rates >10(-4) per second. We… CONTINUE READING
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