Electron Transfer Processes at Aryl-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode

  title={Electron Transfer Processes at Aryl-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode},
  author={Siri Schauff and Mircea Ciorca and Alexis Laforgue and Daniel B{\'e}langer},
The effect of a layer of electrochemically grafted 4-diazo-N,N-diethylaniline (DEA) groups on the electron transfer kinetics of redox systems, displaying fast and slow heterogeneous electron transfer rate constants at edge and basal planes of carbon, was investigated. The properties of the modified electrode were characterized by cyclic voltammetry using four different inorganic redox systems (Fe(CN), Co(phen), Ru(NH3), and IrCl in acidic, neutral, and basic media. Two distinct blocking… CONTINUE READING