Electron Spin Resonance Study of Radicals Derived from Picolines

  title={Electron Spin Resonance Study of Radicals Derived from Picolines},
  author={Th. Rakowsky and Juergen K. Dohrmann},
ESR spectra of the three isomeric 1-hydropicolinyl radicals (methyl-substituted 1-hydropyridinyl radicals) have been measured in solution at room temperature. The radicals have been generated by in situ photoreduction of the picolines in isopropyl alcohol solution containing acetone. Most of the coupling constants could be assigned experimentally. Calculations of π spin density using the Huckel, McLachlan, and INDO approximations have been performed for the 1-hydropicolinyls and also for 1… CONTINUE READING

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