Electron Emission from Thoriated Tungsten

  title={Electron Emission from Thoriated Tungsten},
  author={S. Dushman and Jessie W. Ewald},
  journal={Physical Review},
Constants of the electron emission from a monatomic layer of thorium on tungsten at temperatures from 1000\ifmmode^\circ\else\textdegree\fi{} to 2000\ifmmode^\circ\else\textdegree\fi{}K.\char22{}The electron emission for a monatomic layer of thorium on tungsten is best represented for zero field strength by the relation $I=3{T}^{2}{\ensuremath{\epsilon}}^{\ensuremath{-}\frac{30,500}{T}}$, where $I$ is expressed in amps/${\mathrm{cm}}^{2}$. The emission was measured for different states of… Expand
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