Electron-Counting Rule in Half-Metallic Heusler Compounds

  title={Electron-Counting Rule in Half-Metallic Heusler Compounds},
  author={Ren Jun Pan and Ting Ting Lin and Yu Hsuan Chang and Liying Wang and Zhou Wu and Pei Yu and Yushi Cui and Guo Dan Liu},
  journal={Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism},
The electron-counting rule is very important to engineer new half-metallic Heusler compounds with the desired magnetic properties, understand the origin of the half-metallic band gap, and judge whether a Heusler compound has half metallicity. In this paper, we will summarize the electron-counting rule and the origin of the half-metallic band gap in half-metallic Heusler compounds by several typical materials. Finally, a simple chart is achieved to illustrate all the electron-counting rules and… CONTINUE READING