Electron/muon specific two Higgs doublet model at e + e - colliders

  title={Electron/muon specific two Higgs doublet model at e + e - colliders},
  author={Aria R. Johansen and Marc A. Sher},
  journal={Physical Review D},
Recently, Kajiyama, Okada and Yagyu (KOY) proposed an electron/muon specific two Higgs doublet model. In this model, an S3 symmetry suppresses flavor changing neutral currents instead of a Z2 symmetry. In the "Type I" version of the model, the heavy Higgs bosons have a greatly enhanced coupling to electrons and muons. KOY studied the phenomenology of the heavy Higgs bosons at the LHC. In this paper, the phenomenology at electron-positron colliders is studied. For the heavy Higgs mass range… 

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