Electromyographic study of the cat's diaphragm during oesophageal distension.

  title={Electromyographic study of the cat's diaphragm during oesophageal distension.},
  author={Hesham Abdul Aziz and Michael A. Rex},
  journal={Australian veterinary journal},
  volume={61 8},
In 10 cats, under acute experimental conditions, the effects of distension of the oesophagus on diaphragmatic activity were studied. Bipolar recording electrodes were implanted in the diaphragmatic dome muscular fibres and crura muscular fibres. Electrodes similar to those in the diaphragm were inserted in the oesophageal muscular wall above the hiatus and in the rectus abdominis muscle. Changes in the intrathoracic pressure and blood pressure were recorded by catheters placed in the pleural… CONTINUE READING


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