Electromagnetic Skin Depth of Cement Paste and its Thickness Dependence

  title={Electromagnetic Skin Depth of Cement Paste and its Thickness Dependence},
  author={D. D. L. Chung and Murat Ozturk},
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Electromagnetic Wave Absorbing, Thermal-Conductive Flexible Membrane with Shape-Modulated FeCo Nanobelts.

Electromagnetic wave (EMW)-absorbing materials, manufactured with composites of magnetic particles, are essential for maintaining a high complex permeability and modulated permittivity for impedance



Pitfalls in Electromagnetic Skin-Depth Determination

  • D. Chung
  • Geology
    Journal of Electronic Materials
  • 2022
Skin depth is a fundamental material property that governs the electromagnetic behavior of materials. Unfortunately, there are significant and common pitfalls in the analysis of the experimental

Radio-wave absorption by aluminum and its dependence on the absorption distance

The absorption of radio wave is relevant to electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and low observability. The effect of the absorption distance much above the calculated skin depth on the

Cement paint composite as pollution tracker for electromagnetic radiations

An attempt has been made to develop a cement paint composites containing MWCNT, fly ash & ferrite encapsulated glass fibers for absorbing electromagnetic interference (EMI) pollution. The ferrite