• Materials Science
  • Published 2011

Electrolytic cell and electrolysis process

  title={Electrolytic cell and electrolysis process},
  author={ラーツチェン,ウィリガート and ルーカス,ジョアチム and ジェール,ウォルター and ファンケ,ヘルマット},
The present invention, the electrolyte electrode-membrane-electrode arrangement comprising (22) a porous membrane filled with (1) or two porous electrodes disposed in between the ion-exchange membrane (3,6) relates electrolytic method for electrolytic cells having, at that time one or more liquid (22,5) is introduced directly into the film (1) of the electrode-membrane-electrode arrangement (3,1,6), then 1 One or more liquid (22,5) is guided in the channel structure (20) formed in the membrane… CONTINUE READING