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Electroluminescent device using the metal coordination compound

  title={Electroluminescent device using the metal coordination compound},
  author={坪山 明 and 明 坪山 and 岡田 伸二郎 and 滝口 隆雄 and 隆雄 滝口 and 鈴木 幸一 and 幸一 鈴木 and 三浦 聖志 and 聖志 三浦 and 森山 孝志 and 孝志 森山 and 井川 悟史 and 悟史 井川 and 鎌谷 淳 and 淳 鎌谷 and 古郡 学 and 学 古郡 and 岩脇 洋伸 and 洋伸 岩脇},
  • 明 坪山, 坪山 明, +16 authors 岩脇 洋伸
  • Published 2003
  • Materials Science
  • Using rhenium coordination compound, in order to provide a large light emitting element of the high and the emission luminance of the luminous efficiency, between a pair of electrodes formed on a substrate, the following general formula: (Wherein, Re is rhenium, CO is a carbonyl group, n is an integer of 1 to 5.) In a light-emitting device containing the Re complex compound represented. 
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