Electroluminescence from silicon-rich nitride / silicon superlattice structures

  title={Electroluminescence from silicon-rich nitride / silicon superlattice structures},
  author={Joe Warga and R. W. Li and S. N. Basu and Luca Dal Negro},
Luminescent silicon-rich nitride/silicon superlattice structures SRN/Si-SLs with different silicon concentrations were fabricated by direct magnetron cosputtering deposition. Rapid thermal annealing at 700 °C resulted in the nucleation of small amorphous Si clusters that emit at 800 nm under both optical and electrical excitations. The electrical transport mechanism and the electroluminescence EL of SRN/Si-SLs have been investigated. Devices with low turn-on voltage 6 V have been demonstrated… CONTINUE READING
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